Andrea Baker “Wild In The Hollow” (Independent, 2019)

If you want to hear of honesty through one person and their music, then ‘Wild In The Hollow’ would be a great place to start. This record bleeds truth and brings you right back to the basics of this world. Built through counselling sessions, conversations that came about in difficult fashion, and travelling around the north-west of America meeting new people, this record comes to us from the very heart of  Seattle Singer/Songwriter Andrea Baker. The whole record feels very natural, portraying the nature of the North West. Continue reading “Andrea Baker “Wild In The Hollow” (Independent, 2019)”

The Daybreakers “Worn Out Dream” (Independent, 2019)

The Daybreakers are a roots-rock band out of Wrentham, MA. ‘Worn Out Dream’ is the band’s second outing, a concept album following the journey of two brothers in a band that doesn’t quite make it. The story covers brother number one, John, leaving home and moving out west to have a go at making it, before coming home and starting a band with brother number 2, John. Billy eventually leaves the band and gets married which leaves John reminiscing on what could have been.
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Rachel Sermanni “So It Turns” (Independent, 2019)

Breaking out of Scotland, Rachel Sermanni gifts us her 3rd full length release ‘So It Turns’. Sermanni opted to release this record independently after previously working alongside Rough Trade Records and Middle of the Road Recordings. In her previously released albums, Sermanni incorporated darker and grungier sounds compared to what we’re being treated to this time around. Continue reading “Rachel Sermanni “So It Turns” (Independent, 2019)”

Chris & Adam Carroll “Good Farmer” (Independent, 2019)

Country music has been brimming with husband and wife couples that are renowned for making fantastic music together. Chris Stapleton and Morgane Stapleton, Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires, Johnny Cash and June Carter, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill… maybe not? Okay, I’m scraping the barrel now. Joking aside, Chris and Adam Carroll are no exception to the rule, now releasing their debut album as a duo after touring together as co-headliners for a number of years after marrying in 2013. ‘Good Farmer’ is a culmination of songs that they have been writing and playing live for the past 6 years.  Continue reading “Chris & Adam Carroll “Good Farmer” (Independent, 2019)”

Jones “Carver’s Law” (Independent, 2019)

Trevor Jones is Jones, the solo project featuring half of the duo Miracle Mile. Following 2016’s critically acclaimed album, ‘Happy Blue’, this is the fifth release from Jones which sees him working again with Miracle Mile other half, Marcus Cliffe. The album title, ‘Carver’s Law’ was inspired by the short story writer and poet Raymond Carter.
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Noble Jacks “Stay Awake” (Independent, 2019)

Noble Jacks have been powering their way through the UK indie-folk scene with new album ‘Stay Awake’ which debuted at Number 7 on the Americana music charts.  The release of ‘Stay Awake’ is a huge moment for the band after the experience of selling our Brighton’s Concord 2 venue for their album release party. The band’s individuality comes from the strong lead of the fiddle. They could so easily have been led by a slide guitar or pedal steel, however, the decision to use a fiddle to play that role really gives them the edge over a lot of bands. Continue reading “Noble Jacks “Stay Awake” (Independent, 2019)”

Interview: Johnny Lloyd

After parting ways with the indie rock band, Tribes, Johnny Lloyd took to the life of a solo musician. First by releasing two EPs by the titles of ‘Dreamland’ and‘Eden’ and has now begun to make his mark on the alt-folk world with his first full-length release ‘Next Episode Starts in 15 Seconds’. Johnny made time in his hectic schedule to speak to me about life since Tribes, including writing for TV and film, his songwriting for the new album, becoming the newest member of the Yamaha family and his ownership of a guitar played by a pioneer of sad alternative 
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Dylan LeBlanc “Renegade” (ATO Records, 2019)

Whenever you’re looking through the liner notes of a record and you see “Producer: Dave Cobb” you know it’s definitely worth a listen. Dylan LeBlanc’s 4th release ‘Renegade’ follows suit. Cobb’s brilliant, signature sound shines through. He has a brilliant way of creating a polished and modern, yet vintage sound. LeBlanc, on the subject of working with Cobb says “I let go almost absolutely and let Dave Cobb do his work. It was a different experience for me—how focused Cobb was and how quickly we would get live takes down.”  Continue reading “Dylan LeBlanc “Renegade” (ATO Records, 2019)”

A.A. Bondy “Enderness” (Fat Possum, 2019)

A.A.Bondy is an Alt-Folk songwriter from Birmingham, Alabama. Bondy was originally the lead singer and guitarist in rock band Verbena, before making the jump to being a solo artist in 2003. ‘Enderness’ is Bondy’s 4th offering, and his first in eight years. Bondy says about the album “I was getting drunk  and watching Wim Wenders’ Wings of Desire and there’s this character Homer who asks: “What is it about peace that makes its story so hard to tell?”  Killers 3 is my answer to that question.” Bondy plays all of the instruments himself on ‘Enderness’ which is being released on May 10th Via Fat Possum Records. Continue reading “A.A. Bondy “Enderness” (Fat Possum, 2019)”

Interview: Ian Craft of The Howlin’ Brothers

Formed in 2005, The Howlin’ Brothers are a 3 piece ole’ time bluegrass and country band based in Nashville, Tennessee. They consist of Jared Green who sings lead vocal and plays acoustic guitar, Dan Swan plays upright bass and Ian Craft who sings lead vocal and plays fiddle, mandolin, banjo and the bass drum. My friendship with The Howlin’ Brothers began during their first U.K tour in October 2014, when they were put up by my Dad and a friend of ours for a few nights whilst they played shows in and around my hometown of Wrexham.  I was lucky enough to set up an interview with Ian Craft after he had just finished playing fiddle for 4 hours at Layla’s on Nashville’s Honky Tonk Highway. Continue reading “Interview: Ian Craft of The Howlin’ Brothers”