Julia Logan “River Run” – flow to the sea

Photo: Olof Grind

Julia Logan says that she’d been listening “a lot to Neil Young’s live album with Crosby, Stills & Nash called ‘4 Way Street’” whilst writing ‘River Run.‘  Well she’s talking our language there, which ensured this new song not taken from her recent album ‘Everly Foreverly‘  got a listen.  The influence, she expanded, was that “on the album Neil does a beautiful medley in a double drop D tuning. I started experimenting in that tuning and came up with ‘River Run’ then my producer and I continued writing the chorus in Studio Rymden in Stockholm, Sweden. Everything came together very organically, musically I wanted the arrangement to feel very free and flowy, like a river, with a lot of acoustic instruments, background vocals and analog instruments like the mellotron. I wrote most of the lyrics with my brother, and a flowing river kind of represents the flow of life and passage of time and the different paths you can take in life. I also grew up by the ocean so water as a symbol always finds its way through my music whether it is lyrically or sonically.”

The result is a gentle folk-ish song that gently sparkles, and exudes an encompassing warmth.  And yes there is a Seventies feel to the sound and more importantly the mood of the song.

Julia Logan grew up on a small Swedish island outside of Stockholm and got her start singing in a local church choir. After spending a few of her teenage years in southern California where her mother’s from, she learned the guitar from a local trust fund hippie and started writing and did so for years on her own in her room. She has supported Courtney Marie Andrews live and performed in the studio with First Aid Kit.

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