Justin Rutledge “Mary” – remembering a favourite person

What is this – midweek already?  How can that be?  Feeling run-ragged? Same.  We should just slope off and grab a flat white and find somewhere quiet and out of the way and just blow a few minutes with some instrumental music.  Let’s do it!

Yes, welcome once more to the semi-regular mid-week Americana UK relaxation and coffee zone in which we promise you none of those bothersome words, just music in its purest form.  And this week we have a joy of a piece from Canadian Justin Rutledge.  It is, he tells us, a remembrance of someone really special in his life: “my grandmother, Mary, was born on a farm in County Mayo on the west coast of Ireland. She was my favourite person. When I was 19 I travelled there alone to see where she was born. It was still a working farm, run by my Uncle Mick and my cousins. We had duck eggs every morning for breakfast in front of the modest peat fire. I got run out of town a couple weeks later because I kissed the wrong girl and her brothers wanted a piece of me. I left that little town with some Irish moonshine from the farm to bring home to Mary—I thought of her all the way home, and still do.”

Mary‘ is taken from Justin Rutledge’s new album ‘Something Easy’, which will be released this coming Friday.

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