Lindsay Jarman “The Gallery” – Me looking at you looking at me looking elsewhere

Photo: Joelle Grace Taylor

Not, we should make clear, anything to do with the Dire Straits song – ‘The Gallery‘ is the title song of Lindsey Jarman’s debut album.  On it she takes a reflective look at moments from her life, standing back and viewing them like pictures hung in a gallery.  As she explains “There were extremely painful moments of my life that I was able to get some catharsis for through writing certain songs on this record … they definitely added to who I’ve become as a person.  Patience is passion tamed, and the rapture that prevails the willful processing of trauma holds healing and gratification in its palm. This record offered that hand to me, and I took it. I found shelter there.

The approach to the album included living in New York and writing music for jingles, relocating to Georgia to study Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management at UGA and then connecting with friends in Atlanta to make ‘The Gallery‘ which will be released on August 20th.

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