Lora Kelley “Lora Kelley” (Independent, 2018)

Charlottesville based, singer-songwriter, Lora Kelley has released a new self-titled EP and it showcases her personal songs and accomplished musicianship really well. Life experiences are the basis for these songs and it’s clear that family and relationships strongly influence the creative process. The music is built around an acoustic guitar backbone and the songs could be described as pop Americana. The delivery is upbeat, catchy and polished. The songs are accessible and well written. So far so good… but listening more closely is rewarding.

Opening song and latest single ‘Good Men Don’t Hurt You’ is a humorous and playful song that is, on the surface, essentially relationship advice. However, the song reflects Lora’s support for the #MeToo campaign and has emerged from her own life experiences which clearly demonstrate a serious approach to her songwriting. A light hearted song with an underlying serious message. ‘Creeping In’ is another pop song with a twist. There is threat in the words and the track perfectly blends a foot tapping melody with a sense of unease.

The five songs on the EP fit together very well. There is nostalgia and strength in the words. The final song ‘Steel Magnolia’ is optimistic. Learning from experience and teaching our children to be strong. This is a personal piece of work with a polished delivery. Serious and playful, but never overbearing. Spot on.



Polished pop Americana with a darker lyrical edge.

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