Lucinda Williams “Lost Girl” – Listen

We don’t want to bring your mood down at all but if the new song from Lucinda Williams doesn’t make you feel just a little more desperate than you were five minutes before you first heard it then there’s something wrong with your emotional index and you should report for readjustment at your earliest convenience.

It’s nigh on nine minutes long – an epic track in other words – and is taken from the Netflix film of almost the same title (‘Lost Girls‘).   Singing with a voice cracking with pain Lucinda Williams lays it on the line with lyrics like “you are missing I am haunted you are broken but I am fearless – are you listening ‘cos you are wanted” and “in the shadows of a wicked world spinning without a sound maybe I was just another lost girl dying to be found” all set to a soundtrack just as cracked, hurt and desperate.

And why does it sound so good?  Well, in part the answer is “crack band” – not that kind of crack – but listen, let Lucinda tell you about it “we were very lucky with the amazing band that we were able to put together on very short notice. Within two or three days we had Benmont Tench and Steve Ferrone from the Heartbreakers and Val McCallum, who plays in Jackson Browne’s band, as well as Blake Mills, who used to play in my band several years ago. It was truly an amazing band. I think it was all just meant to be

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you feel sadness in this song; you also feel tired; you still want to communicate something that you have heart.