Madi Diaz “New Person, Old Place (New Feelings Version)” – what a jerk you are…

Photo Natalie Osborne

Madi Diaz put out a ne collaborative EP ‘Same History, New Feelings EP‘ on 4th March on ANTI-.   It features collaborations with Waxahatchee, Angel Olsen, Courtney Marie Andrews, and Natalie Hemby.  Today’s song is of course taken from that release – it’s a song about processing the pain and loss of a breakup. This new version of a song originally released on ‘History of a Feeling‘ has a lighter tone, with guitar pickings that almost sparkle; Diaz and Courtney Marie Andrews’ voices intertwine towards the end of the song for an emotional climax.

Soft and gentle sounding it may be at first listen – but the lyrics take no prisoners in their honesty: “I used to take all of your shit and carry it on my back I’d leave what I needed behind to make room for whatever you had” that, however, is definitely a thing of the past “I used to, I used to, but now I don’t that.”

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