Mexico City “Closer to Home”

Independent, 2022

Mexico City’s new album drags the listener in and keeps them there with its live-to-tape 70’s feel.

artwork for "Mexico City" album "Closer to Home2Mexico City are from Brisbane Australia so it’s not likely you would come across them at a local UK venue unless good fortune comes their way. If you wish to know more about “Australian Alt-Country” artists then Wikipedia only shows three names and a Facebook group for “Australian Alt-Country” bands only has 437 followers. The PR that comes with the album says it’s for fans of Neil Young, Wilco, Phosphorescent, and The Rolling Stones and it is not hard to see why it’s pitched at this audience. One may ponder who the singer “Adam Toole” is reminiscent of. Randy Newman or The Band may come to mind. Definitely an americana singer with a lot of style in his voice.

Broken Heart’ kicks this short album off with punchy ragged rhythm guitar, a lovely catchy chorus, and a nice twin vocal that drags the listener in and keeps them there. It is a shame there are not enough twin vocals throughout the album. Pedal steel adds to the americana sound, occasionally adding sublime highlights to songs such as” Drop the Needle” but unfortunately a bit too loud and jarring on ‘Learning to love again’. Drop the Needle’ is a real winner – the dual guitar and pedal steel sets up an atmospheric introduction to a real cinematic sound with understated but nice drums. ‘Closer to Home’ the single wouldn’t fit out of place on an early ‘Eagles’ album, in fact, the whole album sound is steeped in analogue 70’s warmth and joy. “All the songs were recorded live to tape,” says guitarist Simon Radich and that format is a rewarding listen.

There are a couple of tracks that kind of meander a tad, and the occasional guitar lead sounds like it may have needed a bit more work done before committing to tape on a couple of the songs, but don’t be put off – praise the intimate recording, live takes. It has a loose but real feel to it. Let us hope those Facebook followers and Wikipedia entries acknowledge this band and those numbers increase.


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