Farow And The Peach Leaves “Adeline” – I do believe you have been drinking

It may take a bit of believing, but this is a band whose name makes perfect sense once one realises that the line up is vocalist and songwriter Graham Farrow Knibb whilst the rest of the band are made up of Zach Peach (Drums), Leif Bonfils (Bass), Keith Knibb (Guitar), Justin Peach (Guitar) and Hunter Jones (Pedal Steel/Keys).  The Nevada City group of long-time friends blend, they claim, an eclectic mix of americana, blues, rock and country – what we might just call more briefly Americana and have done with it at that point.  ‘Adeline‘ certainly has a blend of almost Southern Rock swagger with a large enough pinch of pedal steel to bring it into that alt-country territory we like so much.

‘Adeline’ is taken from the album ‘Buttermilk Brine’, which was released on the 9th of December.  Farrow and the Peach Leaves have this to say about the new recording: “It’s a cliché for an artist to say that their most recent album was a labor of love, but in this case it really is worth saying. We were all in love with the labour of it. For instance, having the opportunity to work with Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden East was such a pleasure. We’re not new to the live to tape process, having worked with Tim Green at Louder Studios previously, but the granularity of Jack’s process was incredible. It was clear that you’re going to come in and make a rock-and-roll record. You’re going to play really well and then you’re going to love what you did, warts and all.

You’re not going to sit there punching parts all day. Evan Bailey, who produced the record, was so crucial to this album. Before we were ready to record he came up to Nevada City and set himself up with a folding chair in the middle of the room at Dream Cabin Sounds, where we rehearse, and he sat there like a wise cherub with a beer on his lap just listening to us rehearse and nodding and then he had all of these wonderful ideas.


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