Mighty Oaks “Mexico” – Listen

Mighty Oaks make no apology for their new song being uplifting and even somewhat escapist.  Sometimes it’s just necessary to say “life is disappointing – forget it!” Or, as Mighty Oaks have it: “2020 brought out the best in some, and the worst in others. People across America (and across the world for that matter) stockpiled guns and ammunition, threw punches over toilet paper, pushed racist bigots and ideologies in politics, and put a “me first” attitude on full display. While we firmly believe that turning away from problems does not at all help to get at the root of solving them, this song is a sort of mental escape when things heavy.

Mexico‘ is the first release of new material produced by The Berlin based trio from their year of lockdown and home studio recording and comes from an album of the same name.  Speaking of the new production, singer and lyricist Ian Hooper sees it as a return to the band’s roots: “It was the first time since our debut album that I had the time to just write a whole lot of songs for this album, and I feel like it sounds so much more like one album than say the last one did – or the one before that.”

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