Old Man Luedecke “My Status Is The Baddest” – hey, where’s the banjo?

For those who associate Old Man Luedecke with the banjo, well it’s time to reappraise your associations.  On this standalone single, as rhe picture clearly shows, Old Man Luedecke has definitely gone electric. It’s been a few years since we last heard new music from the two-time JUNO Award winner and doubtless you’re wondering where exactly has he been? On a scallop boat of course, working through the pandemic whilst touring was … well you know what it was.  And also working musically with Afie Jurvanen of Bahamas.   And that is also doubtless the reason he’s joined by Bahamas on this semi-serious, semi-tongue-in-cheek song, about the joys of parenting.

In other new direction news Old Man Luedecke is releasing this single as a standalone to accompany the announcement that he has signed to Outside Music.  There will be a new album, but details of that are expected in March.  Old Man Luedecke has said of this new direction that “I was a musician, a banjo player, known for my old-time Appalachian-based sound, and Afie thought that we should let go of the chains and expectations that come with writing songs around an instrument, and that I should just write the songs without the instrument in mind. He convinced me to abandon my signature sound, and I had this newfound sense of freedom in my song writing.”  However, he has also said that the banjo is never far away, so old fans shouldn’t be too concerned.

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