Patrick Park “Love Lover Love” – Listen

Hiding behind production can make the music less than it could be, that at least is Patrick Park’s opinion who says of his new album ‘Here / Gone‘ that “I feel like sometimes I try to hide a little bit behind the production. Sometimes you just feel so naked out there without it. When I play live, I’m always exposed, but I’ve never made a record with that same feeling. It just seemed like this was the record to do it with, and these were the songs to do it with, and this was the time to do it.”  Teaming with producer Rob Schnapf (Beck, Kurt Vile, Elliott Smith) for a fresh perspective got ‘Here/Gone’ recorded in two days. ‘Love Lover Love‘ is the first track released, and its blend of folk sounds gives a strong framework for Patrick Park’s thoughts on life, love and the fleeting nature of both.

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