Pick of the Political Pops: Ben Harper “Excuse Me Mr.”

As mentioned last week we enjoyed/endured local elections in England and Northern Ireland last week. The results were interesting… the Blues and Purples had a rubbish time of it with the Reds not doing as well as expected either. The Greens and Yellows and ‘others’ had a high old time though. What the winners have in common of course is their commitment to Remain and a determination to stop Brexit and hold a ‘People’s Vote’/confirmatory referendum.

How then is it in any way possible that several of the Blues (and even the likes of Keunssberg on the BBC) somehow believe that the takeaway message of these elections is that the public are ‘fed up with Brexit’ and ‘want us to get on with it’. Excuse us but what planet are these people on? Of course we’ve got the European Parliament elections to look forward to later in the month and the picture may (or may not) look somewhat different. We wait to see where the Brexiteer parties finish in that race (not forgetting that the mainstream media keep telling us that Farage is going to smash it) and where, exactly, public opinion lies. Or more accurately where the politicians ‘lie’. Excuse me…

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