Pick of the Political Pops: Shammer “Never Tears Before a Goodbye”

This week were overjoyed that Lockdown Mk II will soon be at an end (although as lockdowns go it was a poor relation to Lockdown Mk I – indeed other than the fact that you couldn’t get a pint when you wanted one pretty much everything else seemed to go on as normal particularly if you knew how to game the system). Now we will have a very simple arrangement of tears – sorry tiers – which will be understood by everyone and will apply equally to all. It really is very straight forward, peasants, so make sure that you have brushed up on the detail via the government website. Now the website hasn’t been working but that is not an excuse. The Speaker of the House of Commons got very shirty about it so it’s bound to be fixed soon. Continue reading “Pick of the Political Pops: Shammer “Never Tears Before a Goodbye””

Pick of the Political Pops: Joe Purdy “I Love The Rain The Most”

At Americana-UK ‘Club Night’ the other evening (club night is where we get together to imbibe huge quantities of alcohol then try and club the other bastards to death over the slightest grievance – usually but not exclusively who has the best/most obscure taste in music) one of the topics of conversation on the agenda was “What do you like most about November?” A simple enough question one would think but being the contrarians that we are we demanded clarification and after a brief round of fisticuffs we had the question reposed thus: “What do you like most about this November?” Continue reading “Pick of the Political Pops: Joe Purdy “I Love The Rain The Most””

AUK’s Chain Gang: St. Paul and the Broken Bones “Don’t Mean a Thing”

Last week Rick Bayles noted that “She Never Spoke Spanish To Me”. It’s a rare occurrence for me too since Italy is my favoured foreign holiday destination. That said I was once friends with a Mexican guy and his wife who was over here studying for a PhD. He did teach me the phrase “Una cerveza, por favor” which seemed to be the most useful line in the language. I also proofread his dissertation for him, just to check the English rather than to offer an opinion on the subject matter. It was quite a heavy read as one might expect and much of it, like the Spanish language, didn’t mean a thing. But all the words were in the right order and the grammar and syntax were excellent. So he got his PhD and then they deported him because his student visa had run out. That didn’t seem to make much sense either. If asked to pontificate on that curious decision I’d have to say that ‘it don’t mean a thing’. Continue reading “AUK’s Chain Gang: St. Paul and the Broken Bones “Don’t Mean a Thing””

Pick of the Political Pops: Willie Nelson “On The Road Again”

We were momentarily distracted (we couldn’t work out whether the landfill bin collector and her adopted transgendered cat could be classed as being within our bubble for lockdown purposes since the advice was somewhat lacking) so missed much of the coverage of some brouhaha happening over the water in the new world. We are entirely uncertain as to events but have had some indication that it was a ‘big deal’. We checked out CNN but weren’t entirely convinced that the people hosting were caffeine/amphetamine/match-stick-eyelid free so ignored it until there were no signs of a zombie apocalypse banging at our door. That being the case we went back to CNN after a suitable period of isolation and those people were doing the exact same thing. They had the same clothes on. One has to wonder whether personal hygiene matters in a future dystopian world where the “Magic Wall” seems to be a sort of oracle for future events. Continue reading “Pick of the Political Pops: Willie Nelson “On The Road Again””

VERSIONS: “Different Drum”

Here’s another in our regular series of “VERSIONS” which is a look at tunes and how they are handled or interpreted by different artists. This time arch-versionista Rick Bayles has a look at ‘Different Drum’ in all its variant goodness: Continue reading “VERSIONS: “Different Drum””

Pick of the Political Pops: Chip Taylor and the New Ukrainians “F*** All The Perfect People”

Such is the life of the pseudo-politico-muso journalist that this week planned “PPP” has had to be put on hold due to The Americans’ inability to have an electoral system which makes any sense, produces a result that makes any sense or gives the rest of the world any sense of what’s sensible. We were sort of relying on you guys to either go full-on mad or full-on crazy, whichever suited. Instead it’s full-on insane and nobody knows what is happening or when. This is not good when your average pseudo-politico-muso journo has a deadline to keep. By the time you read this it might well be all clear but for now, dear reader, we’re going parochial this week and bring you a transcript of actual events which took place nearer to home. There’s enough, we think, to keep us going until the point where we know whether Donny John or Sleepy Joe is going to have his finger on the nuclear button. Continue reading “Pick of the Political Pops: Chip Taylor and the New Ukrainians “F*** All The Perfect People””

Pick of the Political Pops: Wilco “If I Ever Was A Child”

In the green and pleasant fields of the People’s Republic of Liverpudlia no one is unhappy and no one goes hungry. At least that’s the vibe we get from within Americana-UK Towers although of course it can be a challenge to hear stuff properly from down within our bunker being as it is reinforced with our arrogance and soundproofed against dissent. Continue reading “Pick of the Political Pops: Wilco “If I Ever Was A Child””

Pick of the Political Pops: They Might Be Giants “Boss Of Me”

Here in the Independent People’s Republic of Liverpudlia we often wonder why other sister/brother independent republics don’t get along. Obviously we are surrounded by land and sea with places that aren’t republics (could, woulda, shoulda between 30th January 1649 and 29th May 1660 but…whatever) and the nations that do surround us seem to dislike one another with a smouldering intensity. We don’t get that either but hey-ho. We have been intrigued these past few weeks with talk of a ‘war’ between a couple of places that we were hard pressed to pinpoint on the map. Turns out the South Caucuses was the place and that Armenia and Azerbaijan were the places that had beef with one another. So we got that in a geographical sense but beyond that…? No – clueless. Naturally, our interest piqued, we dug a little further. We sort of wish we hadn’t because it’s complicated to the point that even falling down a rabbit hole would have been preferable. Continue reading “Pick of the Political Pops: They Might Be Giants “Boss Of Me””

Pick of the Political Pops: Alabama “20th Century”

It’s been a grim week here at Americana-UK Towers. Firstly it pissed it down like an incontinent Colossus bestride Rhodes. Secondly – in order to get him to sleep after throwing a tantrum – some American Secret Service agents strapped Donny John into a car seat and drove him around for a bit (accidentally infecting anyone in the hermetically sealed vehicle with a potentially deadly virus which will be a scenario familiar to exasperated parents everywhere). And thirdly it was revealed that a populist right-wing government’s outsourcing of vital public works to the private sector was, as suspected, a monumental fuck up proportionate to befriending rats during the Bubonic plague, deciding that due to his height/weight ratio Goliath was the better bet and agreeing that Greek horses couldn’t be that bad. Continue reading “Pick of the Political Pops: Alabama “20th Century””