Pick of the Political Pops: Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young “Teach Your Children”

We’d like to say that we’ve been distracted by world sporting events and the farcical comedy of Westminster politics this week down in The Bunker. Instead of that we have been distracted by the fact that Donny John thinks it OK to separate children from their families and put them in what amounts to cages. This is a truly desperate state of affairs upon which we can find no sensible comment to make. Utterly unconscionable.

Pick of the Political Pops: Wilbert Harrison “Let’s Stick Together”

This week we have noted with a strange combination of amusement and disbelief that the UK’s negotiating strategy regarding Brexit (yep – that again) continues to consist mainly of our glorious leaders throwing their toys out of the pram and stamping their petulant little feet (supposing that it is possible to stamp one’s feet in a pram). People from all over the political spectrum are divided over the issue and it did look at one point as if The Blues might implode under the pressure of self-righteousness. However Minister Prime Terry Might stepped in and poured oil on burning waters promising some of the rebellious little tykes all manner of concessions in order to keep the party together. Continue reading “Pick of the Political Pops: Wilbert Harrison “Let’s Stick Together””

Pick of the Political Pops: Utah Phillips “There Is Power In A Union”

Two snippets of information reached us this week: on one hand a certain rabidly right-wing foaming at the mouth hack is said to be walking away from is job of stirring up the elderly middle class of middle England which we considered to be good news and on the other hand trade union membership is down particularly amongst the young which we considered to be bad news. Here then, as a cheery send off the to the former and as a rousing call to the latter, is a nice little tune which encapsulates our feelings of the moment:

Pick of the Political Pops: Waylon Jennings “Mental Revenge”

We like to think ourselves as fairly tolerant folk here at Americana-UK Towers and are prepared to forgive and forget most things (except not putting fifty pence in the meter over the Bank Holiday so that the jukebox in The Bunker wouldn’t work just as we were getting nicely sloshed and enjoying some banging tunes – the perpetrator was taken out and flogged, obvs.) Occasionally though we can’t help thinking that those who’ve got it coming will eventually get it – y’know – the bigots, the racists, the homophobes, the zealots, the misogynists, the misandrists, the misanthropes, the lickspittles, the gobshites, the userers, the polluters, the falsifiers, the fakers, the corner-cutters and – generally speaking – the human excrement that you wouldn’t cross the street to piss on if they were afire. Yeah, those people. You’ll get your comeuppance. By the way we hadn’t realised that Waylon Jennings was so clean cut back in the day:

Pick of the Political Pops: The Jayhawks “Stumbling Through The Dark”

We like to think of The Bunker as a place of refuge situated as it is deep underground in the bowels of the lower reaches of Americana-UK Towers. Here, with a well stocked bar, a fast internet connection and a juke box to die for we can avoid much of the madness of the world. Because madness it is – often a bleak and depressing place where the good and righteous are put upon or ignored in favour of the insane men and women who run things in our name but not with our consent. We, like the majority of people, get through as best we can finding that fine liquor and a playlist of banging tunes help somewhat along with odd argument about progressive politics and a bit of table thumping accompanied by the old adage “But it stands to reason…!”. Of course many times it doesn’t but one simply has to try. It’s a little like stumbling around trying to make sense of stuff with the lights turned off. The Jayhawks know about this stuff:

Pick of the Political Pops: John Lee Hooker “I Need Some Money”

Our attention was drawn this week to the annual festival of gloating in which a national ‘news’ paper rubs the rest of our noses in the dirt by telling us who has the most money in the country. How odd, we thought, that when so many people have so little that it’s deemed acceptable to tell us how so few have so much. And it was also interesting to note how much is given by whom to various political parties. Actually not that varied of course with 99% going ‘blue’. Given our track record you’d think that at this point we would think of some smart arsed quip to make making light of the situation. But we can’t. It’s just too familiar and depressing. So have some ‘blues’ on the subject.

Pick of the Political Pops: World Party “Ship of Fools (early writing version)”

Look what happens when you have a Bank Holiday. Despite the fact that we think of ourselves as a semi-autonomous state here at Americana-UK Towers we do like to observe traditional Bank Holidays. And this one was a scorcher so thank goodness for air conditioning down in The Bunker where we repaired for some R’n’R (that’s both Rest and Relaxation and Rock and Roll). Upon poking our heads out when the temperature had returned to a more bearable state, we couldn’t believe our eyes and ears about the political news. Seems that Donny John has only gone and pulled out of what seemed a perfectly good agreement but now his good buddy Benny Jet has been riling all and sundry with the very real possibility of all out war. Why is the world such a mad place? This unusual version of a great song sums up our feelings:

Pick of the Political Pops: Van Morrison “It’s All Over Now Baby Blue”

There was lots of discussion this week at Americana-UK Towers about how best to celebrate May Day which is, of course, International workers Day. Naturally we couldn’t agree so all and sundry ended up getting very drunk – which ironically is what we would have done anyway. It also came to our attention that someone in high office had the decency to fall on their sword about a scandal of their own making. Sadly it was the wrong person in the wrong office but we’ll take small mercies where we can find them and hope for the right outcome at some future date – possibly after this week’s local elections.

Pick of the Political Pops: Lambchop “Your Fucking Sunny Day”

This week we have been musing on two things. Firstly we are mourning the passing of our British summer. It lasted two whole days so I suppose we shouldn’t complain. Secondly we have been wondering what it must be like to be a person of integrity, honesty and principle and how one maintains their dignity when, from all sides including ones supposed allies, comes lies, smears, dirty tricks and campaigns of obfuscation. The view from The Bunker is reflected in the song: Continue reading “Pick of the Political Pops: Lambchop “Your Fucking Sunny Day””

Pick of the Political Pops: Chris Murray “Heartache”

Having been residents of Americana-UK Towers for longer than we care to remember we were surprised when, having come back from a stroll in the grounds, we were asked at the door to The Bunker to provide evidence of our right to enter. “Come off it” we said “We’ve been here for, like, ever”. “No good” said The Gatekeeper Terry Might “Where are your papers?” “Well last we heard you had them” we said. “Yeah – well I burnt them.” Said Terry “Get back on the good ship Empire Windrush or however you got here – and go home” “But this is our home” we protested. And so it went on for several tedious hours until eventually Terry Might realised what a colossal balls up they had made and sheepishly gave us leave to remain. What a heartache…