Pick of the Political Pops: The High Llamas “Checking In and Checking Out”

“It’s been a quiet week in politics and we don’t really have much to say…” …said no one ever. When the ‘leader’ of a ‘government’ suffers two of the three most catastrophic defeats in the history of Parliament one would probably expect them to resign. Not so PM Terry Might. Here is a person who has had two years to come up with a decent agreement to leave the European Union but couldn’t manage it.

Here is a person who has faced a no-confidence motion from her own party but didn’t get the message. Here is a person who, when Home Secretary, was jeered at a police conference when she accused them of ‘crying wolf’ over police funding and has left us in this position (see last week’s Pick of the Political Pops). Here is a person who thought that calling a general election was a splendid idea but which in fact lost her party their majority and resulted in the biggest swing to the main opposition since 1945. Here is a person who, as far as we can see, is so ignorant of the facts that they mistake ‘strong and stable’ for everybody else’s ‘bloody minded and arrogant’.

We, like others, don’t do personal abuse but it would be remiss of us not to mention that she can’t dance either. ‘Dancing Queen’ isn’t a self-deprecating irony – it’s a travesty of blindfolded hubris. As she kicks the can down the road and runs down the clock down on the most important political event of a generation we can’t help but think her own clock is ticking…

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Keith Hargreaves

wonderful tune Mr Villers