Pick of the Political Pops: The Jayhawks “Stumbling Through The Dark”

We like to think of The Bunker as a place of refuge situated as it is deep underground in the bowels of the lower reaches of Americana-UK Towers. Here, with a well stocked bar, a fast internet connection and a juke box to die for we can avoid much of the madness of the world. Because madness it is – often a bleak and depressing place where the good and righteous are put upon or ignored in favour of the insane men and women who run things in our name but not with our consent. We, like the majority of people, get through as best we can finding that fine liquor and a playlist of banging tunes help somewhat along with odd argument about progressive politics and a bit of table thumping accompanied by the old adage “But it stands to reason…!”. Of course many times it doesn’t but one simply has to try. It’s a little like stumbling around trying to make sense of stuff with the lights turned off. The Jayhawks know about this stuff:

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I am a professional curmudgeon. I don't care and neither should you. Buy me gin and we can possibly be friends.
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