Quiet Loner is dead. Long live Matt Hill.

After 16 years singer/songwriter and former AUK album of the year winner Matt Hill has announced he’s no longer performing and releasing music under the name Quiet Loner – instead he will release a new album this year simply as Matt Hill.

“It’s no big artistic statement” says Hill. “The sort of songs I write will remain the same. It just didn’t feel like the right name anymore for what I do.”  For the past few years Hill has made his living as a community songwriter, using songs as a way to connect with people, for example writing songs with people who are homeless, seeking asylum or in prison. His most recent Quiet Loner album stemmed from a stint as songwriter-in-residence at the People’s History Museum in Manchester.

“So much of what I do now with my songwriting is around community and sharing our experiences” he explained, “It just doesn’t really work for a ‘quiet loner’ to be the person doing that. Besides I’m going to be 50 this year, I’m married, I’m neither quiet nor lonely, it’s time for a change.”

To celebrate the new name Hill has released a free compilation album. ‘Twenty/Twenty’ comprises 20 tracks covering the years from 2000-2020. As well as tracks from all four Quiet Loner albums, there are some rarities too and a preview of a track ‘Stone and Bone’ from a brand new album that will be released later this year – have a listen to it below. The free download album is available from his website.

Under the name Quiet Loner Matt Hill has toured extensively in venues and festivals across the UK and Europe. Career highs include playing a songwriters circle with Billy Bragg at Glastonbury, two UK Americana chart number one albums, radio play on BBC6 Music and singing on BBC TV’s ‘Flog It’ which is probably a first for anyone to appear on these hallowed pages.

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