Readers’ Picks: Gretchen Peters “Souvenirs”

Photo credit: Bryan Ledgard

This week’s pick was selected by Conor Morris from Bedfordshire and features an artist that we know many of our readers love and admire.

Conor chose ‘Souvenirs’ from Gretchen Peters’ self-titled 2001 album “because it tours hallowed American cliches such as following a hero, beginning something big and then drifting off course, the American car, the grandeur of the terrain, Mount Rushmore, the long line of presidents, the idea of finding your true self, roots, heart or whatever, and the sense of being a ‘Chosen People’ inhabiting a ‘Promised Land’ stretching from sea to shining sea.  It suffuses this archetypal American quest with an aching disappointment that would become rage or despair in lesser hands, an acute choice of detail that leaves you fingering the little tin toys that this culture produces in abundance, until you almost snort at the absurdity of reducing one of the finest symbols of this country to a mug whose nose you can drink through, and an overwhelming feeling that there is something very hollow in how people are programmed to live their lives”.

Readers’ Picks’ invites you to send us your suggestions for a piece of music that you love and that you think others would love too. It could be a video clip of a particularly memorable performance or a particular track that you love – audio tracks can also be suggested. Your choice can be vintage or modern, legendary or obscure, so long as it’s any good!

If you want to suggest something please supply the following:

  • Your name and location
  • A link to your choice
  • A few words outlining why you have chosen it.

Send your suggestions to us using this email address or our contacts page.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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