Sarah Gillespie “Half Cut” – not all change is good

It’ll be mere moments after hearing Sarah Gillespie’s vocals on this, the title track from her new album, that you’ll understand why she attracts Tom Waits comparisons – although, you know, Rickie Lee Jones would also be a very reasonable point of reference.  Here on ‘Half Cut‘ she sounds close to desperation, against a gently jazzy accompaniment, as lyrics pour from her like an endless stream, urgent in their need to be heard.

Sarah Gillespie has released 4 critically acclaimed albums, 3 EP’s and a book of poetry, ‘Queen Ithaca Blues’ (2017). She has toured extensively, headlining major venues and festivals in Europe and the USA including London’s Ronnie Scott’s, the Southbank Centre’s Purcell Room as well as shows in Sicily, Seattle, NYC, Spain and Germany. She’s twice played live on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Woman’s Hour’ and has been interviewed by Andrew Marr on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Start the Week’ on the role of politics in song (she has a master’s degree in politics and philosophy).  ‘Half Cut’ is thus her 5th studio album and was released on 9th February 2024 on Gillespie’s own label Pastiche Records.

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