Something for the weekend: Cordovas “A Song for You” (Behind the Scenes)

That’s it for another week dear reader, and we leave you today with a video which spotlights the recording of Nashville-based Cordovas’ cover of Leon Russell’s ‘A Song For You,’ available to stream and purchase today from Amazon Music. It arrives on the 4th anniversary of Leon Russell’s passing and commemorates the 50th anniversary of the song which was originally released in 1970. “The thing he has done in this song is he’s lived his whole life. An entire life happened in this song. It’s his masterwork,” says Cordovas frontman and songwriter Joe Firstman. “It was nice to have been asked to do the Amazon Original because this would have very easily been the first song I would have ever chosen to sing of Leon Russell’s. What you want to bring to me, for me, was to not try and reinvent it. It was to take that pureness that I have always known that has been near to me since I started playing piano and singing songs.” They’re a lovely band and it’s a great cover. Have a good one.

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