Something for the weekend: Frank Turner talks about why he’s singing songs for his transgender dad

Credit: Henry W. Laurisch

We thought dear reader we’d leave you with something a little different this week. Singer-songwriter Frank Turner never got on with his distant and disapproving father. Things got even worse between them when Frank discovered the anarchist punk scene in his teens, and they eventually stopped speaking altogether. But after years of estrangement, Frank had a chance encounter with his father, aged 72, who told him: “I’m thinking of transitioning and living as a woman.” It changed everything between them, and their relationship is finally close and loving. Frank’s new UK number one album ‘FTHC’ explores that personal journey (a track from which you can watch a video for below) and you can hear him being interviewed on BBC Worlds Service’s Outlook show here. Have a good one.

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  1. Thanks for this, Mark. Frank Turner is a very talented chap. He was, even as a teenager at school. His father’s story is astonishing and brave, too.

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