Something for the weekend: Fruit Bats “We Used to Live Here”

Credit: Chantal Anderson

That’s it from us for another week dearest of readers and we leave you today with a new song from our favourite Chiropteran mammals, Fruit Bats ‘We Used to Live Here’ which is the final sneak peek of their tenth album, ‘A River Running to Your Heart’ which lands via Merge Records on April 14th. The stripped-bare tune hits soft spots when Johnson sings, “Do you remember this place / We used to call our home / We were the perfect age / And the rent was so low” while remaining optimistic and celebratory, a rare feat.

“This song is about a couple of different life moments that we all have,” says Johnson. “One is the moment when you move out of a place and the last box has been put into the truck and suddenly the space is empty and echo-ey, and then you walk out the door for the last time. Depending on the time and nature of your stay, the feeling in that moment can range anywhere from bittersweet to crushingly sad. The other moment is driving by that place a year or two later, and the weird ghosty feeling that can give you.” Have a good one.

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