Something for the weekend: Hayes Carll “She’ll Come Back to Me”

So that’s it for us for another week dear reader. Don’t forget that Toad the Wet Sprocket have a new album out today and while no track from it ever quite reaches the heights of ‘California Wasted’, it’s still a belter – exhibit one. Also, we’re never quite sure if we should be covering Kacey Musgraves on AUK (thoughts anyone?) but she has a new song out today from her forthcoming album ‘Star-Crossed’ and it’s not very country pretty good. Still, so as not to encourage the purists with pitchforks element of our readership, we leave you instead for the long weekend with something even better – a new track from singer/songwriter Hayes Carll. ‘She’ll Come Back To Me’ is taken from his upcoming album ‘You Get It All’ which lands on October 29th via Dualtone Music. Co-written with Aaron Raitiere, the song’s narrator speaks with sardonic denial regarding the return of his love. From the first verse “It rains all day in the desert, And Elvis is alive, A circle’s got four corners, And two plus two is five, I’ve never been hungover, And there ain’t no fish in the sea, And she’ll come back to me”, Carll’s lyrics offer vivid images with his usual wry wit. Have you seen Seaspiracy Carll? – there really might be no fish in the sea one day! Have a good one (and go easy on the fish).

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