Something for the weekend: John Mellencamp and Bruce Springsteen “Did You Say Such A Thing”

Well that’s it yet again for another week dear reader and we leave you with a track from the new album from John Mellencamp album ‘Strictly a One-Eyed Jack’. The album, released on January 21st, includes three collaborations with Bruce Springsteen — ‘A Life Full of Rain’, ‘Wasted Days’ and ‘Did You Say Such a Thing’ which you can hear below. “For my entire career I was always like the poor man’s Bruce Springsteen,” Mellencamp commented in a recent interview with Forbes. “And Bruce and I have known each other for years. We met each other years ago, but we just knew each other enough to say hi. But we did a rainforest (benefit) for Sting and we played together. And all of a sudden he was like my big brother, and he treated me like I was his sibling, and I treated him with respect. And then we became really good friends, and it just kind of happened. He came to Indiana, he stayed at the house. It was great. And I talk to Bruce all the time now.” Still, a rainforest benefit for Sting. Have a good one.

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