Something for the weekend: The Milk Carton Kids “Starshine”

Photo: Brendan Pattengale

That’s it for us for another week dear reader and we leave you with another song to be released from the forthcoming album from California’s Milk Carton Kids, ‘I Only See The Moon‘, which will be released on May 19th via Far Cry Records in partnership with Thirty Tigers. ‘Star Shine’ is as evocative and sad as anything the duo have produced with some beautiful harmony vocals. The contemplative chorus has a devastating twist: “We were young, oh, we were high, Star shine in our eyes, Loving you was easy till the sun began to rise, Did you think that you were mine? Did you ever wonder why, Every time we said, “I love you,” we were lying?” Band members Kenneth Pattengale and Joey Ryan explain, “‘Star Shine’ lives in the ambiguous space between nostalgia and regret, where it sometimes feels like they’re the same thing.”

The new album is their first in four years. “Both of us have now lived enough life to understand that maybe one of the purposes we were put on Earth for is to sing together, to write songs together, to make music together,” notes Pattengale. “It has truly provided a direction for our lives.” Ryan adds, “It’s like a successful marriage in that there’s always been enough there between us collaboratively in the way that we work together, sing together, play together. It’s a very special thing. And I don’t think we ever took that for granted.”

Have a good one (and try not to lie unless you’re being kind).

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