Video Premiere: The Scarlet Goodbye “The Ballad of Julie Ann”

Press Photo: ©Kathleen Tauer Photography

Check out the latest single from The Scarlet Goodbye.  ‘The Ballad of Julie Ann’ is full of unresolved tension and ominous notes.  Beginning with guitar, the song then builds with layers of piano, warm strings, insistent percussion and Patrick Nelson’s melodic bass guitar.  These textures, along with changes in tone and instruments coming in and out of the mix, make a for a genuinely atmospheric song.

The video, created by Pablo Jones, is an artfully-shot and edited narrative that reinforces the song’s themes.  It really is a short film, a piece of cinema, that tells the story of two central characters: Cooper and Esther.  In this tale, the couple have recently had a baby, which has inevitably changed their lives dramatically.  Finding their new reality overwhelming, Esther leaves, returning to her former life as a burlesque dancer and joining a burlesque show called The Scarlet Goodbye Dance Revue.  Cooper is left alone to reflect on his new life as a single father and his lost relationship with Esther.  In the visual, we experience both sides of this story – there are quieter, more intimate moments at home shot in black and white and more vibrant, colourful and energetic sequences with Esther dancing in the show.  It’s a clever device to place the viewer within in the two characters’ moods and situations.

The Scarlet Goodbye is the musical project of Daniel Murphy (Soul Asylum and Golden Smog) and Jeff Arundel, who met in a chance encounter in a cafe.  The musical collaboration that followed is a real and inspirational turnaround for Murphy, who had turned his back on music some years ago.  He recalls: “In 2012 I sold all the guitars and amps.  Now I’m busy buying them all back!”  The result of their creative endeavours is ‘Hope’s Eternal’, a full-length record, just released in March 2023.  The duo have contrasting styles – Arundel brings an introspective melancholy to their writing while Murphy delivers a more direct, rocking sound.  Together, they produce music that they never would on their own.  For an intriguing blend of styles, check out the album but start here, with the atmospheric ‘The Ballad of Julie Ann’.

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