Songs for the apocalypse: Marcel “Annie Devine”

In 2004 me and my good mate John drove across the States in one of the last “analogue” road-trips I ever took – people who say that satnav kills discovery and that maps are “all part of the adventure” clearly didn’t have our navigational skills. Still, music got us through the extended periods we spent in the car and one song that still comes to mind is the track ‘Annie Devine’ by Michigan-born Marcel who was a professional hockey player until he signed with Mercury. We missed out on seeing him at the Bluebird because we didn’t book 5 years in advance but the refrain of the chorus with its “miles and miles of long white lines and red taillights and fast food signs” echoed through my mind a long time after the trip ended. It endures as one of my favourite road-trip songs of all time.

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