Songs for the apocalypse: Mark Olson “Meeting in Lone Pine”

One of the never-ending debates in americana centres around whether Gary Louris or Mark Olson was the true lifeblood of the Jayhawks, with most people coming down in the former camp but me, I’ve always had a soft spot for Olson and thought the understatement of some of his early albums in particular (with the Original Harmony Ridge Creekdippers) was just exquisite.  Hey, we even gave a 10 to an album ‘Political Manifest’ which appears to have been scrubbed from history now – hopefully they haven’t reconciled with GW. Anyhoo, ‘Meeting in Lone Pine’ with its fractured harmony vocals from Victoria Williams is spine-tinglingly lovely. Taken from 2000’s ‘My Own Jo Ellen’ which is crazily 20 years old, older indeed than this website.

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