Sounds from beyond the Shed – Week 100

It's a brave new world

Embrace the change – a weekend listen.

So here it is, as retirement from full-time teaching approaches as change to the format for this column. As a good friend pointed out ‘ Hang on, now instead of recommending three tracks to listen to you’re expecting me to listen to 2 hours of your recommendations’ 

Yep’ I replied that’s exactly what it is plus the added bonus of me occasionally telling about tracks, gigs or just ranting about stuff.

‘Fair enough’ he replied ‘I’ll be there – send us the link’

And here it is on Mixcloud or if you want to listen live it’s on CRMK radio Tuesdays 7-9pm.

Articles will now appear on a Friday so the weekend just got better!

It’s been a long, strange trip so far, teaching from a shed, returning to school, teaching from a shed again, masks, return to normalish but discovering all the things you loved about teaching had been altered slightly and not in your or the students favour, and now the hinterland of post full-time teaching projects.

Please post comments or requests for the show on these pages and I promise I will answer, play or rage against. Thanks for following.


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  1. Really enjoyed that Keith, I’ll definitely be listening again. Any chance you can post the track listing – either here or on Mixcloud?

    • Hi Ross
      I’ll do just that but if you get the mix cloud app ( no charge) and then subscribe you should get an email each week with the track listing ….i hope.

      • Shot from a spring – P Bruntnel, Threads- Cory hanson, Little Wing – The Ducks, Cowboy Movie – D. Crosby,Maria – Sam Burton, Barbary Coast – Conor Oberst, Detroit or Buffalo – Jonathan Wilson, The Losing End Again – Jesse Aycock, Unwound – Triptides, Master of my lonely time & Riders of the Canyon – Riders of the Canyon, Willie Mays – Chuck Prophet, Moonlight Ma – Ryan Baine, Rio Grande – Wand, Christ in the Vessel- The Americana Congregation, Lateness of dancers – Hiss Golden Messenger, Red Dragon Tattoo – Fountains of Wayne, Reservations – Wilco, Let’s Go Rain – Jeff Tweedy, Day in the Sun – Susan Tedeschi/ Derek Trucks, Summer of our Days – The Felice Brothers, Jane – Golden Smog.

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