Sounds from beyond the Shed – Week 106

Lazy summer days are here

Midlake. Photo:Paul Domine

Dreams of school recede as the hols take hold.

Despite not returning to school in September my holidays have started in the usual fashion. Heading to foreign parts in the van, sleeping a lot, drinking a lot and dreams of all the things not done before the end of term. Anxiety dreams they may be called and involve me being late for exams or not preparing for a lesson or, the classic, of not being able to find a classroom in an Escher labyrinth whilst students are either in peril or being cruel to another of their kind.

Five days in and the dreams recede as do the thoughts of anything other than sleep or the next book to read. Every year we take about 15 books away for a two-week stint, tried the Amazon thingy, useless as far as I was concerned and with not flying I care not a jot about weight or convenience, and it must be said that none of the books I read ever need charging!

Of course, being on holiday meant prerecording the radio show which was an exercise in itself, having to go in at the dead of night and record the two hours when no one else was broadcasting live, not once, twice but three times. This week finds me in high spirits ( probably sleep deprived!) talking the normal nonsense – I even use the phrase ‘lit up like a Christmas cake’ ffs!) and playing everything from Shack to Ben Folds via The Staves, Keegan DeWitt, Midlake, Laura Marling. Bill Callaghan and Mavis Staples amongst others.  Enjoy and take what you want or need. Please feedback either here or on the Mixcloud comments. Happy to take requests or criticism… within reason!

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