Sounds from beyond the Shed – Week 11

We're back and testing a go go

Five tests and counting this week.

My larynx has never been cleaner and my hooter feels like Dick Van Dyke has been at it with his brushes and all have been negatives. Hell yes. Not one positive test in a school of 1,000 plus and everyone testing at least twice a week. Something’s working, that’s for sure.

And on top of all this I was personally invited to prove the naysayers wrong and checkout one of the most efficient one-stop services I have ever encountered and have me a little hit of that sweet, sweet Astra Zeneca stuff. Did it all in the middle of a four hour parents evening – scheduled an hour off between 5 -6 – made it with minutes to spare! No side effects too, so got lucky there. Such a brief appointment for such a monumental personal moment.  Just maybe those Red Rooster and End of the Road tickets will get used this year without a sense of dread or anxiety. Just communion and joy and plenty of that lovely red wine.

And to cap it all we break up for a couple of weeks at the weekend so feeling pretty good today and hence the tracks reflect that.

Firstly a cracking slice of wild country rock from Isreal Nash‘s new one ‘Topaz’ – just listen to that guitar sound. Followed by the 19 million viewed on YouTube Stones classic and then the 220 views new one from Suss, a dreamy, unfurling piece of ambient loveliness ( incidentally also featured on the free disc with this month’s UNCUT). As ever, take what you want or need.


As Good


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