Sounds from beyond the Shed – week 13

Another ethical dilemma hoves into view

So winter returned with a vengeance this week.

Flippin’ snow in April ffs! Not much, in fact more a sleety impersonation of snow as done by a pretty poor impressionist, perhaps the Harry Hill of the sleet world. But there it was all the same, a damp, cold blast of winter.

And this was a problem. Friends had just moved into a house after a couple of months in limbo and we had been invited to come and sit in the garden and drink coffee and nod appreciatively at the new pile. Arrangements had been made at the height of the balmy week before Easter – none of us had even considered that this lunchtime rendezvous would be a faithful re-enactment of Alistair MacClean’s Ice Station Zebra.

After a couple of minutes our hostess headed for the warmth of the kitchen, loudly decrying the weather and circumstance whilst beckoning us into the warm…

It’s astonishing what thoughts can pass through the brain in less than the time it took her to take 5 steps.

  1. We’ve all been vaccinated once but that’s only 80% safe and mine’s only two weeks old.
  2. I know what we have been doing and who we’ve seen but what about them?
  3. Is that guttering loose?
  4. What will happen if we say we’d rather not?
  5. What will happen if we go in? Will we regret this in a couple of weeks as I test positive on one of my bi-weekly tests?
  6. This is nice coffee.
  7. Got any hobnobs?
  8. How does Mrs H feel?
  9. Will refusal offend?

It’s an appalling situation where the welcome of friends is balanced with a potentially lethal responsibility to each other, a situation where all of our minuscule differing approaches to lockdown have different outcomes. What should be clear cut never is and we all feel that we have the inside track on how far we can operate within the rules but still achieve what we need to at each moment.

Luckily it stopped snowing!

Whilst considering you own responses to this dilemma please enjoy the three tracks below. First up Samantha Crain doing what she does best – heartfelt lyricism and narrative. Secondly, if, like me, you are craving that splash of summer sunshine the sublime Jon Redfern with the standout track from his ‘may be some time‘ album. And lastly I have been enjoying some great soul covers of classic tracks recently and one of the topper most is this Buddy Miles Band version of Neil’s ‘Down By the River‘. Pour a glass, revel in the solos and imagine a slower pace of life and dream of the months to come.

As ever take what you want or need.




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