Sounds from beyond the Shed – week 26

Heading for the hills

The hissing of summer lawns…

So half a year of sounds from the shed and beyond and it’s time for the summer hols for this particularly knackered teacher. It looks like the eggs have all been placed in the basket of 19th July and whatever you may feel about this, there’s nothing we can do about it except take as much care of ourselves and our loved ones as we feel is prudent. Too many people have been hobbled and killed by this disease not to be cautious for a good while yet.

That said I will be strutting my stuff at a couple of festivals at the end of August. Red Rooster and End of the Road better watch out because I have a huge head of steam to blow off and following the fish curry at EOTR there may be more than just steam being blown off!! I don’t mind frugging about in a venue with a mask on if it makes people feel safer – many say I should be wearing a mask most of the time anyway for the sake of the children and small animals.

So here are my final choices for a while as I take a break until the Christmas term when I will return like a bad penny to hopefully point you in the direction of some other good sounds. This week’s have a holiday theme. First up a gorgeous cover of ‘Hello Stranger’ by Yvonne Elliman, you may recognise the track as the heartbreaker at the end of the film Moonlight but I think this version is as beguiling as the original. This is for the friends I will visit many for the first time in a couple of years. And of course when we meet there will be ‘Laughing’. And this will be a ‘Summertime Thing’. Not the best version on the net but the best recording of a live one with Chuck Prophet as cool as ever. As ever take what you want or need.

Hope you all get some time off with friends and loved ones this summer.




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