Video: Joe Hodgson “Till The Last Breath”

Taking the sporadic Wednesday afternoon instrumental slot – which we’re definitely not calling ChilledAmericana even in jest – is Northern Irish guitarist Joe Hodgson and his slide heavy composition ‘Till the Last Breath.‘  It was inspired by the passing of his mother Ethnea, who died after a battle with Motor Neurone Disease in November 2017.  Joe says: “The track has an intimate, vulnerable and mournful feel to it, and the melodies reflect the immense sadness I was feeling and the sense of foreboding at what was surely to come. But it’s also uplifting, and conveys joy and thankfulness for having had such a wonderful person to call my mother.”

Till the Last Breath‘ comes from Joe Hodgson’s new album ‘Apparitions’, which is another nod to his mother, as ‘The Apparitions’ by W.B. Yeats was her favourite poem.  Hodgson explains the dominant theme on his latest record: “It’s about how nothing ever stays the same, everything changes or decays; lives are lived, and love is lost, but looking forward is the one thing we can all do. Yes, we may have regrets, but hope and optimism are usually only around the next corner.

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