Sounds from beyond the Shed – week 32

Empathy, understanding and positive opposition

Hope not hate – seemed a good idea at the time and still is!

I am now on half term so this will be a short one. It’s not often that news events crash into my column but the death of another MP at the hands of a ‘constituent’ was both shocking but also seemingly inevitable in our ever polarising world. I spend hours a week trying to impress upon the students I teach, be they 8 or 18, the importance of empathy and recognising the common humanity in all those they come across. Even those with diametrically opposing views. If people hold views that are hateful or unacceptable call them out on them and ensure that everyone knows how unacceptable they are. If your institution is perpetrating misogyny, homophobia or anything else that inhibits and undermines do something positive about it. And there is the key word – ‘positive’. Our humanity should be forward looking, optimistic and hopeful. Sure, I have some fairly robust views on the current chumps in charge of the good ship Great Britain and I believe change cannot come quick enough but I also believe in our creaking democracy and the innate good in most people.

The internet has a lot to answer for in stoking up hatred but it can also be a tool for communicating positivity and compassion.

Simplistic plea over and back to walking in the rain-lashed fens – deep joy!

Try these for size. First up a great new song from Treetop Flyers whose set from pre pandemic the Red Rooster Festival was a personal highlight of 2019, then some rambunctious joy from Grant Lee Buffalo and lastly a screaming piece of coiled energy from The Dream Syndicate.




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