Sounds from beyond the Shed – Week 41

New term, same sh*t

Back in the game…

A year on, the the post Christmas malaise is not as horrific as last year when we learnt of a lockdown that was, for many, to prove far more difficult than the first both physically and emotionally. So we are back on site and in the classroom with our ‘mandated’ mask wearing students – I’m saying 20% at best and when encouraged sometimes we hit the dizzy heights of 50%. I will be hugely surprised if I don’t catch a second dose of this dreaded disease. This mask reluctance is a combination of things I feel – discomfort, teenage not giving a fuck, disorganisation (another teenage malady) and possibly a creeping sense of “what does it matter” given the reports coming out of Government. I encourage my students to follow the news and the growing disgust for those in power is both heartening but also upsetting. The young should aspire to public service/ office and the examples they are witnessing at the moment make them very cynical about even engaging with the process. The problem is that if the young don’t care, then the future will become more and more politically mired in the present cesspit of self servitude.

Phew and my new year’s resolution was to be more cheerful….

Some belters to start the year. First up, Scott Hirsh wearing all his JJ Cale influences on his sleeve, then the remarkable survivor Mark Laneghan (read his memoir if you dare) in his pomp with The Screaming Trees and finally my tip for the top in 22 Beachtape with a joyous ditty, plenty more to come from these boys!! As ever take what you want or need! Happy New Year.




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