Claire Cronin “Feel This” – Haunted by the feelings

Photo: Vlada Syrkin Werts

Los Angeles based Claire Cronin has recorded ‘Bloodless‘ a fine album of haunted folk, songs which resonate with a sense of unease and hint at a disconnect from reality.  And no song on ‘Bloodless‘ better exemplifies those feelings than the eerie ‘Feel This‘ which shimmers somewhere between this world and another reality in a way that has rarely been achieved since the last Espers release.

Claire Cronin has declared it to be “the most vulnerable song on the record,” adding that it is “about longing to transcend myself and get out of my body. I’m reflecting on my intimate relationships in the context of this desire to self-vacate, and acknowledging that I can’t float away and be a spirit. I have to stay here and feel different moods wash through me. “I’m also thinking of myself as one of many people who want to transcend their bodies, numb out, or feel limitless — like when the lyrics mention the “gold, guns, and Vicodin” of America. The repetition of “feel this” in the chorus is an instruction to myself, where each “this” is a different feeling I have to stay with.

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