Sounds from beyond the Shed – Week 49

What is normality??

Photo credit: Sumer Lu

Pandemic forgotten ( ignored) school life returns to near normal..

It’s a remarkable thing the human memory, despite the devastating impact of Covid in all aspects of our lives, schools in particular felt it’s seismic grip, the moment society is told that it’s over, life returns to its old and trusted routines without a backward glance. And perhaps this is how it should be but bubbling away under the sheen of normality it’s still there. We still have pupils off and isolating, grandparents that still don’t collect children, parents still hospitalised and for the first time ever I have been pinged! For sure the severity of illness appears to be less but more and more I am hearing tales in the carpark of long Covid, even from those that suffered very mild symptoms when infected. Perhaps as a result of ‘carrying on’ as normal and not looking after themselves but the blame cannot be laid at the door of people who when observing society at large and Govt. directives see the pandemic consigned to history. And we all knows what happens if we ignore the lessons from history…

However, despite my cynicism, it was a delight to attend the first school rock and blues concert for two years and one thing lock down has done is encouraged practice and innovation in collaboration. It was brilliant to see bands and performers being able to ‘kick out the jams’ to a live audience again. Life affirming in fact and brought a tear to the eye of your soft hearted correspondent. In the face of the horrors on the news this was a tonic, a moment of joy. We certainly need them.

The new Delines album is also one to prompt joy even through its melancholy veil, then some Allah Las for more joy and finally a goodbye to one of the vocalists of the last 20 odd years.

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