Sounds from beyond the shed – Week 51

Believe it or not Easter Hols are coming 

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Thank f**k for that. Covid numbers are at an all time high, spend more lessons covering for absent colleagues or uploading work for isolating students than I do teaching my own lessons, 3 (that’s right, count them 3) parents evenings in one week and then blow me down an inspection FFS. Like we all needed more work. A quick phone call and the local brewery doubled production despite ‘logistical’ issues knowing that the coming Friday was going to be carnage as collective steam was let off following the inspectors leaving the site. Who knew they were actually staying at the local pub…

And then I turn on the TV and this all seems very small beer (forgive the pun) indeed. A colleague’s parents welcomed two refugees this week and lorry loads of stuff is being collected by the students along with serious amounts of cash. Gawd bless ’em all.

New music has been reaching me this week as pre ordered LP’s, like homing pigeons, fly into the roost of the shed. The Delines (again), The Hanging Stars and Midlake (with my Easter gift of the whole of their latest album) – all rather wonderful but you can be the judge of that. Take what you want or need. See you in a couple of weeks

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