Sounds from beyond the Shed – Week 60

Head down keep going

Covid can’t stop the exam marking pile up…

With Govt. regulations making self isolation a thing of the past as employers tell their employees that the ‘guidance is five days but it is only guidance’ we are laying the important ground work for a complete resurgence of Covid and its various mutations. My recent brush was less difficult than the previous but concerns over vaccine efficacy/ antibody efficiency were revealed when the lovely Mrs H caught it from me only 11 weeks after her first dose! Hopefully Boris’s routine surgery this week is to graft some kind of social conscience onto his porcine form. We can dream.

Meanwhile back at the coal face there are piles of exam marking, reports and end of year performances to negotiate before the end of term. A brief respite was Wilco last Saturday, if there is a better live band with a better back catalogue I’ve not heard of them.

In their honour first up Jeff and the boys and then some summer joy from the Isleys on a Soul train classic cut wearing the clothes I call my own style and finally some Floyd – what the hell. Take what you want or need.

Remember that sun cream!

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Jonathan Aird

Ah, The Isleys – is this by way of a discrete nod to the recent passing of Jim Seals?