Sounds from beyond the Shed – Week 81

Optimism is the way forward

A New Year and an old problem

Coming back to school after the Christmas holidays is always a grind. The bright lights of Christmas cheer have dimmed to a murky gloom foreshadowing cold days, cold nights and cold hearts. I return to a school where the sad remnants of decorations haunt the corridors and SAD exists in the eyes of most of us.

Still… never mind eh!

This year my new year’s resolution is to be more positive, less pissed off and actually more laid back when dealing with the idiots I encounter. Is it better to quietly seethe rather than just stop caring so much? Who knows, but in the immortal words of Elsa I intend to ‘Let it Go’ more.

One of the things helping mellow my mind is the discovery of Sentia’s non-alcoholic alcohol substitute. A wonderful find. Gin without the morning after. It definitely works as a relaxing mood enhancer but helpfully the relaxation of inhibitions etc plateaus at the level of a little bit ‘refreshed’ no matter how much you drink. Course, now I’m worrying about what damage synthetic alcohol can do to me! And that after 45 years of actual alcohol abuse. Here’s a link if you want to investigate and I promise I am not on the payroll.

World’s First Gaba Spirit | Alcohol Free Spirits – Sentia Spirits

So what have I been listening to over that last few weeks? Well, the extraordinary singing drummer that is Aaron Frazer for one from his live EP, some old Hurray for the Riff Raff and some Broken Social Scene – how’s that for a good start to the term? As ever take what you want or need and please drink responsibly.

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