Sounds from beyond the Shed – Week 86

29 days for some.....

Back in harness…

So half term over and despite having a back as painful as a nail being driven into an eye when undergoing physio I did have a a restful time as much as my physio had a profitable one! His sadism brings him much financial joy; talk about finding your niche! I’m afraid I had to resort to sourcing my own cure as I am still waiting 2 weeks later for a call back from NHS physio. I completely get it but in the event of not being able to walk without looking like my testicles were in a vice I took the plunge and sure enough it got better just as I had to go back to school.

We are on the run into external exams now and both year 11 and 13 are crossing off days until study leave – at time of writing 29 school days left.

There is panic in the air and also a sense that many have moved on already. In many cases this is a good thing they are definitely ready although only in the sense that they need to slip the parental leash and head towards an education or life experience determined by themselves and good luck to them, they just need to keep their heads down until the last exam is done.

Sounds this week have been a joy as I’ve had the time in half term to really explore some stuff. The new Spencer Cullum is fabulous as is the new Sylvie both of which send me back to their gorgeous sun soaked debuts and forgive me for repeating their inclusion in this column (incidentally both these artists are on Full Time Hobby records which really are having a moment) and finally some properly wonderful Nicolai Dunger with his epic paean to Americana. As ever take what you want or need.



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