Sounds from beyond the Shed – Week 91

Enjoy the hols if you get some..

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Thank God for Easter ( works on several levels..)!

Creaking my way towards the end of term has been a mixed blessing tinted with a touch of melancholia as I grasp the fact that several of the activities that I do in this term will not be done by me again once I have ‘retired’ in July. No more the chaos of badminton, a pursuit seemingly solely occupied by the less coordinated and more eccentric members of the school community. I cannot tell you the joy it gives me as they windmill around to my soundtrack of 70s disco hits or punk anthems (it’s got to be upbeat!!) barely connecting with anything other than each other but all having the times of their lives. Similarly I run a whole school General Knowledge competition that is so partisan that sometimes I’ve had to have security!  A blast from start to finish and I always find a way of mentioning Neil Young just for a laugh.

That said, a break is required – 4 weeks of parent evenings (120 interviews), 5 sets of reports (180 in total) plus all the normal stuff. Myself and Mrs H are heading for Iceland to celebrate a big birthday, no doubt you might see some snaps in a future weeks and don’t worry, I have been saving my pennies. After that a couple of Battlefield visits and then my final term as a full time teacher. What larks.

This week my attention was brought to The Eyelids, the missing link between Teenage Fanclub and Fountains of Wayne and really good. There is also some Neil Young and the Ducks coming down the track. This version of Neil’s best song ( please argue but remember you’re wrong) proves that quality songs can be bent into any shape. And finally a beautiful new thing with an AI generated video ( just take the brown pill and settle back!!) from Jonathan Wilson that reminds of Roy Harper in some way.

As ever take what you want or need. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks. Don’t eat too much chocolate !

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