Sounds from the Shed – Week 2

A teacher's follow up report

More remote musings from a locked-down teacher

Week one went as well as it could what with broadband issues, an avalanche of emails and some lessons where the sound of incoming notifications created their own aural soundscapes (think The Orb or Steve Hillage). There is a rhythm that soon settles over you as the terms of engagement are re-established. Some pupils shy away from any contact and have to be coaxed into activity by a combination of bribe and threat. They are the bass players of the classes – happy to stand in the background, gently strumming away in their own tiny world of spinning colours and dancing unicorns. Only stirred by uncontrollable urges such as hunger, tiredness or needing to pee or worse. The bass players of the class are always the ones messaging you to say they are going to the toilet!

Others are the drummers, with their microphones on relentlessly tapping out a tattoo designed to keep them awake and you pissed off. Despite muting them they soon find a way back in even if it is a stream of emoji’s on the message board. The drummer craves attention but can only signal this intention with loud noises or grunts. The drummer is the bete noire of the class. And there are usually many of them….

Wednesday saw me dealing with a leak in the shed soaking through a Bruntnell signed poster (top left of pic) but soon dealt with and dried out. Snow forecast; thrilled, there may be a lovely view but also fearful, will my thermal long johns cope?

Here are the songs for this week, as ever, take what you need. Let me know what they do for you, they certainly help me.




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