Spafford & Campbell “Adson’s” – Playford reimagined

Photo: Iona Lane

Well done everyone – half way through the week, and so as a reward akin to a gentle hand across the brow here is the Americana UK Instrumental Chill Out and Unwind zone in which for one brief moment (ok, for 8 minutes and 49 seconds) we allow you, dear reader, to enjoy music without all those annoying words.  Phew, what a relief.

Owen Spafford (fiddle) & Louis Campbell (guitar) are preparing to release their debut album, ‘You, Golden’ , on November 4th.  And in keeping with their aim to produce an authentic folk album it was recorded live, in just two and a half days. There was no separation, overdubs or even headphones and was captured using a make shift set up in a converted barn in Oxfordshire.  And as you’ll soon hear for yourselves it sounds all the richer for it.

Owen Spafford and Louis Campbell met through the EFDSS – both played as teenagers in the National Youth Folk Ensemble.  Their version of ‘Adson’s Saraband‘ featured today is taken from Playford’s Dancing Master and may sound as traditional as anything but the album will also feature songs and tunes that reflect a love of Bright Eyes and Sigur Ros as the duo pursue a new folk tradition pulling in ever wider and current influences.

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