Steve Earle: “We’ve never had an orangutan in the White House before”

There’s a fascinating interview with Steve Earle over at RS Country this morning where he talks extensively about, among other things, his latest record and Trump.  He tells them: “I don’t see him finishing the term. I don’t see how he does it. Although it’s hard to predict what this guy’s gonna do. We’ve never had an orangutan in the White House before. There’s a lot of “What does this button do?” going on. It’s scary. He really is a fascist. Whether he intended to be or not, he’s a real live fascist.

That’s what’s going on. What’s happening – and this is what lefties have to keep in mind – [Republicans] are OK with him being there. While we’re paying attention to all the stupid shit he’s doing, they’re methodically seeing to their agenda and they’re getting a lot of shit done under the radar. They’re hoping for one more Supreme Court justice and Roe v. Wade is done. They don’t really care about Roe v. Wade, they care about getting elected. There are people in the House that care about it, but almost no senators. Whatever Abraham Lincoln thought it was in the past, the Republican Party is about the wealthiest people paying as few taxes as possible and letting go of as little of their wealth as possible and making an environment for them to be able to make more. We’ve gotten to the point where we’re almost unapologetic about it.”

You can read the whole interview here.

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