Studio Life: Elaine Palmer

Why “Just One” should inspire listeners to go their own way

Elaine Palmer is known for her powerful, bluesy vocal performances.  When she lets loose, as she does on recent single ‘Just One’, her voice is full of drama, emotion and character.  From Yorkshire but with family in Arizona, Palmer is one of those artists who can bridge the Atlantic, fusing the styles and sensibilities of the UK and USA.  Her distinctive music has been championed by the likes of Bob Harris, Mojo and Uncut, recognising her talent for evocative songwriting and engaging melody.  Palmer’s 2019 EP ‘Desert Songs’ reached the top ten in the Indie Charts in the USA thanks to plenty of radio-play and exposure on British Airways’ international flights.

Palmer’s new album ‘The Land In Between’ explores our connections to physical places and the importance of the land we walk, work and live on.  There’s also a sense of freedom found in this new set of songs.  One of the record’s highlights is the single ‘Just One’.  Palmer talked to AUK about the where the song came from.

‘Just One’ is an inspiring song with a valuable message.  Where did it come from?  Tell us the story behind the song.

‘Just One’ is the latest single from my upcoming album ‘The Land In Between’ out on Butterfly Effect.  This song is all about defiance, stepping out from the crowd and speaking out.  I have spent most of my life as a solo artist, growing up in a very isolated part of the world which allowed me to find my own voice and not worry too much about what everyone is doing. I wrote this song as a tribute to all those that have the strength to step out of the box and go their own way. How this can be an inspiration to others to find their own individuality both creatively but also as a life on this planet.

The track was recorded in my music room at home featuring some wonderful musicians, HJM Bradshaw on cello, Olli Heffernan on bass and Alex Cromarty on drums. We recorded as much as we could live to give it that raw honest feel as the back bone of this track. I love recording vocals, it’s my favourite part. I feel I can really play around with my voice and use it to create sounds around the main vocal line as separate instrumentation.  Patrick Jordan mixed and mastered this track which really brought it to life!

The song is a powerful statement about choice, freedom and individuality. It has grit and punch underneath it’s beauty and hope.  ‘Just One’ is edgy and electric Americana yet emotive vocally. It explores concepts of finding your own voice and standing out from the crowd. I wanted to capture this rebellious theme in the video too. We worked with a team of display dirt bike riders, using drone shots of them over head and close up footage of their stunts. We had such fun shooting up on the moors at dawn…..these are the things we do to remind ourselves we are still alive.”

Elaine Palmer’s ‘Just One’ is included on the independently released ‘The Land Between’ which is out now

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