Ben Eisenberger “Soloists” (Plastic Miracles Records 2020)

There are some albums which are perfect summer soundtracks when driving to the coast and others are made for cold winter nights when you’re all wrapped up and want to stay home. Well Ben Eisenberger’s second album ‘Soloists’ is the perfect autumn album. From the cover where Eisenberger is walking alone in a grey, autumnal wood to the nine songs on the record, it just has that autumn feel to it – or as this is an Americana website – the perfect fall album.  Continue reading “Ben Eisenberger “Soloists” (Plastic Miracles Records 2020)”

Video Premiere: Ben Eisenberger “Don’t Change Your Mind”

We are delighted to share the video premiere of ‘Don’t change Your Mind’ from multi-instrumentalist Ben Eisenberger.  The Omaha singer-songwriter trained in classical guitar at the University of Nebraska and he is  known for sparse and delicate folk.  However, the songs on his upcoming sophomore release benefit from layers of instrumentation: lap steel, choral accompaniments and strings. The sound is full and brings to mind classic country from the likes of Glen Campbell. Continue reading “Video Premiere: Ben Eisenberger “Don’t Change Your Mind””