Chris Blevins “Better Than Alone” (Horton Records, 2017)

Chris Blevins’ music is like a breath of fresh air; his narrative and full-bodied sound and way he removes the veneer to get to the source sets him apart from the field. Americana music has many branches but not too many where the trunk is as stout as with this Oklahoma native and fruit so succulent. On reading the blurb that came with the CD, one phrase is certainly most apt as the quote: ‘artful musical chameleon,’ in part hits the spot. As I buried myself further into the album I could not but help think of John Fullbright. I mention this not just because Fullbright performs wurlitzer on the record but due to the many aspects of Blevins work. His songwriting, vocal delivery and finely worked ambience of the songs make him worthy of comparison. Continue reading “Chris Blevins “Better Than Alone” (Horton Records, 2017)”