Clem Snide “Forever Just Beyond” (Ramseur Records, 2020)

Clem Snide was a character created by William S Burroughs and adopted by Eef Barzelay as the name of the band that he created in 1991. Burroughs’s writing was often informed by personal tragedy. These included a lifelong heroin addiction and a conviction for the manslaughter of his second wife, who died in a gun accident. Like his inspiration, Barzelay has suffered more than his fair share of misfortune. Beginning with the collapse of his band and subsequently his marriage, Barzelay then lost his house and was declared bankrupt. Now, five years on from the last Clem Snide record, Barzelay is back with quite possibly the best album that he’s ever made, and there have been some very good ones along the way. Continue reading “Clem Snide “Forever Just Beyond” (Ramseur Records, 2020)”

Something for the weekend: Clem Snide & Scott Avett “Don’t Bring No Ladder”

It’s the end of another sad and odd week dear reader – it’s Record Store Day tomorrow of course, and although your favourite local store will be shut, do go and buy something from them online if you can – they need our help more than ever right now. In the meantime what better way to gently go into the weekend than with this lovely clip from Clem Snide (aka Eef Barzelay), the latest video from their Live From Just Beyond Youtube series which features the song ‘Don’t Bring No Ladder’ recorded with Scott “Avett Brothers” Avett.  “It was illuminating for me to see through [Avett’s] eyes,” Barzelay explained of working with Scott. “I’d just been looking at myself for so long, and it’s really hard to do this alone. If you have a partner, someone who can come in where you need a little something and just see it with fresh eyes, it helps.” Take care – see you on Monday.

Songs for the apocalypse: Eef Barzelay “The Ballad of Bitter Honey”

It feels either appropriate or misplaced to run a feature about the “apocalypse” when everything feels a bit end of the world-ish right now, but anyway, in for a penny…  Eef Barzelay is the voice and songwriter behind Boston’s Clem Snide and released an album a few years back called ‘Bitter Honey’ whose melancholy opener ‘The Ballad of Bitter Honey’ is both musically and lyrically exceptional. How many americana tracks have you heard which feature “hoochie skanks” and Nelly’s bodyguard? Oddly enough, Clem Snide have a new album out on Friday, their first in 5 years.

Clem Snide “Don’t Bring No Ladder” – Listen

Clem Snide (the recording name that Eef Barzelay goes under) has released his new single ‘Don’t Bring no Ladder’which is taken from his Ramseur Records/Thirty Tigers releases ‘Forever Just Beyond His first new album in almost five years was producer by Scott Avett – and this song was, says Snide “the first song I sent Scott in the hopes that it would entice him to make a record with me and with the extra secret hope that he would sing it” adding that “both of those hopes were sweetly fulfilled. May we all die without resentment and regret.” Continue reading “Clem Snide “Don’t Bring No Ladder” – Listen”

Clem Snide announce first studio album in 5 years

Well this is exciting news for a Monday morning. Clem Snide aka Eef Barzelay has announced the release of a new album called ‘Forever Just Beyond’ which lands on March 27th via Ramseur Records/Thirty Tigers. Produced by Scott Avett from the Avett Brothers, he has already shared the first single ‘Roger Ebert’ which you can hear below.  Joined by Avett on harmonies, Barzelay “spins the famed film critic’s final words into a meditation on the mysteries of life and death on the track, which, like much of the album, seeks comfort in the acceptance of the inevitable.” Continue reading “Clem Snide announce first studio album in 5 years”